Office Bearers

The Indian Centre for Child and Human Rights (ICCHR) is a national research center that aims to promote research and facilitate students and researchers’ proper understanding of child and human rights. The center works towards providing integrated technical support to different legal institutions of governance in local, state, and national levels for the protection of child and human rights through knowledge, research, and human resources. ICCHR engages with child and human rights from a multidisciplinary perspective, with the main emphasis on practical and ground research. Collaboration with various NGOs, conducting webinars, seminars, and running awareness campaigns are some of the activities which the Centre mainly performs.

Initially when the Centre was founded in 2021, it was headed by Mr. Subhrajeet Gautam, founder of Umeed NGO as the Convener and Mr. Dipendu Das, founder and Chief Director of Truth and Youth (TAY) as the Co-Convener of the Centre till November 2022.

At present Mr. Dipendu Das serves as the Convener of ICCHR, leading and directing the Centre towards achieving its goals. With his extensive experience in the field of Research and Leadership as the Founder and Chief Director of the parent organization Truth and Youth (TAY), he brings in valuable insights and strategies to make ICCHR a successful initiative. Mr. Roshan Kumar Singh is the Co-Convener of Administration and he ensures all administrative activities are carried out efficiently and effectively. Mr. Singh is responsible for overseeing the implementation of ground projects and will work towards achieving the organization’s objectives. As the Co-Convener of Research, Mr. Pritam Kumar works in close coordination with Mr. Dipendu Das to ensure smooth functioning and execution of ICCHR’s projects and programs.

In addition, following are the Office Bearers: 

🔯 Mr. Devanshu Gajbhiye, Research Director & Project Head, ICCHR

🔯 Mr. Samuel Johns, External Research Director, UNICEF

🔯 Mr. Abhisth Kanashya, Research Coordinator, ICCHR

🔯 Mr. Rahul Kumar Meena, Internship Coordinator, ICCHR

🔯 Mr. Muskan Toppo, Web & IT Head, ICCHR